Possible exploit of SG5

So I accidently came up with what might be an exploit of sg5, and if it works it could prove very…exploitive.

Anyhow, so if you literally can’t move the other teams goal, or vice-versa, would it be possible to simply box in a robot with your teams mobile goals?? Think about it, drop both your goals in just the right spot on the outside of the point zones while a bots inside, and he cant leave without knocking over your goals. And if they do, either disqualification or disconnection to the one member will occur. Not to mention prevention of any scoring.

Also, unrelatedly, could you have your bot constantly carry a mobile goal in order to be immune to pinning?

Lol I’m dumb, i put it in official.

No wonder the lack of responses…

I don’t know what SG5 has to do with this… But you are not prohibited from pushing opposing mobile goals, only grabbing them. And besides, if you aren’t scoring mobile goals to trap one opponent, you should lose anyway.

I’m not sure if it’s correct but would intentionally causing an opponent to get disqualified mean nothing would happen or you yourself get disqualified?

This as well, but it could be argued that you are not forcing them to violate the rule - they could merely stand still. That being said, I really don’t see where the exploit is here…

There was a Q&A and it’s legal to put your mobile goals in your opponents’ way. But like Aponthis said, it’s not a great strategy and they can push them aside as long as they don’t knock them over.

Regarding the second question, isn’t pinning already illegal?

I think the logic is using a red mobile goal with a large stack of cones to push a blue robot into a corner, then backing away before the 5 second pin timer is up. The blue robot can’t leave the corner because doing so would topple the cones.

It may be an exploit, but I doubt it would work as the cones are more likely to fall over when you are pushing or during the acceleration when the blue robot hits the wall, rather than when it slowly leaves the corner.

I think there is a rule saying you and a partner can’t work together to block access to an opponent’s scoring zones. I’m not sure but I think using the mobile goals to block the entrance might be in violation depending on how the ref sees it. I’m pretty sure they were thinking of robots when they wrote the rule though. Anyway I’m not sure if the opponent will stay inside long enough or let you box them in.

Actually… If you’d think about it, if you are able to push/move the mobile goals in front of the opponents robot without tipping the cones, then probably the opponent can do the same thing. Another thought, moving all the mobile goals in front of the opponent will take time, so the only time for it to work it really when they disconnected. Otherwise, the robot can just leave immediately before you finish blocking them. Nice idea, but definitely hard to do.

Interesting, I was just thinking blocking access at the very least in some way to groups of cones or goals can do two things. It slows them down some since they have to take caution to get around your goal stack, and you can score just as easily since you only shift position to the opposing teams side.

My main point was could you use them as a defensive element. Not necessarily just for pinning into corners, which was just an extreme example.

@Scorpion I see your point there. I agree that it might be a challenge to maneuver around them but at the same time you would have less mobile goals to score on and if you wanted to put them in the zones then you would have to carry the goals all the way across the field. Perhaps if your robot’s lift broke then you could pushbot the goals infront of the zones.

It’s generally not worth playing defense unless 1. Your robot is inferior
2. You can defend effectively against multiple robots
3. They waste more time than you do, consistently.

I don’t see any of those requirements being met.

Would it be possible to grab the stack of cones to stop the cones from falling then to trap your opponent in a non-scoring corner?

Of course, if they knock over the stack, then they get dq’ed

<G13> Intentional strategies causing an opponent to violate a rule are not permitted, and will not
result in an infraction on the opposing alliance.

A referee would have to make that call. Also, it could be argued that you are forcing them to knock a stack over to move and score points, which would lead the action to be considered match-affecting. That could stack the odds against you when it comes to ref judgement.

However, your opponents aren’t required by any rule to score points. They are required to not knock opposing stacks. You’re not forcing them to do anything - once in that position, they make their own decisions.

Of course, there’s enough unreasonable requirements for this scenario to ever occur in a match, so I don’t think it matters either way.

Like @puzzler7 said, while this strategy is highly impractical, if it worked and the opponents have the option to either stand still or break a rule, you are not forcing them to take the latter action.

I don’t understand when people say, “A referee would have to make that call.” (It’s a common thing, I’m not picking on you in particular.) But I referee sometimes, and there are plenty of referees I have seen that have only just read the game manual day-of. I don’t understand the deferment to referees in general as some sort of “higher power,” specifically on the forum. If anything, “GDC” should fill this role. A head referee’s decision only inherently holds value at that tournament.