Possible skills strategy. Plz confirm

Technically since in skills you do not have a assigned alliance, Couldn’t the scoring zones on your side of the field count for points… The rule just says scoring zones on the opposing side but there is technically no sides (since it is skills and there are no boundaries) it should count anyways… I assume this is not the case but i was just curios and wanted to see if there is an easy way to do skills. Thanks :smiley:

Ha. Nice idea, but sadly that is not the case.
The Skills Challenges rules states that the scoring objects have to be on the opposite side of where the robot starts in skills.

You can find this under the Robot Skills Challenge Scoring section on page 2.

Idk if you read the whole thing but it never said anything about the opposite side that you start from… in fact based off of nothing but net in skills you have no select alliance that you are during skills… so technically it could be any (red or blue). You could just say it is on the opposing side from the blue tiles and it could be valid… idk i want karthik to come and tell meh. Now if the rule stated that it must be scored on the side of the blue tiles i would agree with you but i still think based off the wording it is valid… now come the huge update soon they may change that…

I believe the “common sense” rule applies here. Why would the GDC put most of the game elements in an already scored position? Karthik is very busy already. I don’t know if we need to spend his time with questions such as this.

Did you read the robot skills and programming skills game manual?
It clearly states in the Scoring sections that all cubes and stars have to be scored on the opposing side.
You can start on either red or blue, but all the game pieces that will be scored has to be on the opposite side that you started from.

so what you are saying is everyone should start on the blue side.

@Zach929Y no.

<G1> applies here.

It would be ridiculous if all the scoring objects stayed in the starting zone and got Scored. You can start on any side, but any referee would use <G1> to interpret the “opposing Zones” to mean the Zones opposite the one which you start from, physically speaking. Thus, if you decide to put the robot in the red Alliance Starting Station, the stars and cubes need to be on the blue Starting Station’s side of the fence in order to be Scored, and vice versa.

And in doing so you’ll probably annoy the referee too

It may be necessary though. Depending on how the robot is built/programmed for hanging certain teams may prefer blue over red or red over blue.

Hopefully not, because that would be annoying, but I could see it being a legit thing to do.

In my response i was talking about: If you could start on the blue side and the objects HAVE to be the same as in the pic in the rules (on red side), Than technically you start with the all the points on the opposing side making skills very easy and way less work… i assume this is completely illegal but it is a thought… then you could just throw the rest of the stuff over and be done then hang on the blue pole.

I’m pretty sure in skills all objects start on the same side as your robot. No other starting position would make sense.

Think about it, they don’t allow you to touch the tiles on the other side of the field. Why would they put all of the game objects there.

As the admins have stated many times before:
“We ask you to please thoroughly read the VEX Robotics Comeptition Starstruck Game Manual and to please review the Q&A Usage Guidelines before posting in this forum.”

The solution could’ve been resolved much more rapidly if you had carefully read the rules regarding your inquiry.


i do not know what you mean by that. There are no rules saying you cant do that. In skills you can start on any side you want, and in the picture it says “in both skills challenges the field must be set up the exact same as in the picture” which happens to have it on the red side. So based on current ruling this is a perfectly legal and effective skills strategy. This would let you start with 33 points and make skills easy. If i am missing something in the rules please explain it to me instead of just saying read the rules when it is out of context… Thanks.

However, <G1> applies. Why would the RECF automatically give every team doing skills (and knowing this strategy) 33pts? Even so, but there’s only so much you can improve on that score, exactly 32pts (20 from the stars on the wall, 12 from high hang), which totals to 65pts. If this isn’t fixed, over the course of the season I predict that teams will voluntarily choose to be on the same side as the game objects, so they could have scores over 65pts. Regardless, skills is going to be interesting this year

They probably did not realize this strategy… much like how nobody thought about doing both boxes of balls last year… the RECF could have made it harder by not allowing it and making teams do piles…

The GDC clearly thought of this strategy because they took all the game objects from one side of the field, so they would have to be scored. In NbN, there wasn’t an option to just start with 32 of the preloads in the nets. That would have been ridiculous.

And we all would have used it