Possible to use Second "Master" Joystick as Partner Joystick?

Is it possible to use a regular vexNet Joystick as a partner Joystick? Our team is thinking about having dual operators this year, but would like to test it out before actually purchasing a partner joystick?

Yes, this is possible. In fact, I believe the controllers came out without a dedicated partner controller available.

They have no difference and are interchangeable. We did it all time

Sweet! I couldn’t imagine a reason from a technical standpoint, and wanted to check first. And I do believe this thread now holds the record for fastest answered question here on the forums.



2min after posted… I’m sure there has been a faster post.

Yes you can use the VEXnet joystick as the “Partner”.

I’m tempted to write a program to go through all the posts and figure out the fastest answered question.

However, I have to go shovel snow and do hw. So I’ll let some other person take care of it :stuck_out_tongue:

In fact they came out with the secondary joystick only a couple years ago. Before that everyone used two master joysticks. We still do, it’s nice to have a back up if something goes wrong.



We didn’t get that much snow here. And homework, us homeschoolers don’t have homework. It’s just our school :wink:

The biggest issue you’ll have would be determining what is and isn’t a question. And then, determining the"final answer", as opposed to incorrect/useless/arbitrary replies. After that, it would be a simple matter of subtracting the time stamps and having fun with a little statistical analysis.

I would probably have it just print out a list of links to all the threads which had a reply within 2 minutes of the original post, and then sort through it manually from there.

If anyone is interested, the easiest way to do this would probably be with the HTMLUnit library and involves iterating over all the thread numbers from 1 to wherever we are now, just changing the t= in the address bar.

For convenience sake you would also want to include a check that it wasn’t the original poster responding .
Text and picture limits mean people sometimes double or triple post.