Possible tournament type?

One of my administrators who went to CREATE 2017 was talking with teams about tournaments and so forth. One common theme he heard was that they wished there were tournaments that were 1v1. Karthik would it be possible for us to host a tournament that focused on 1v1 and skills? We have been discussing it and have the facilities to run a good sized tournament, but I want to make sure that it is ok, and if it would qualify for Worlds.

World’s 2017 here we come!!!

That would be like the VEXU tournaments, also:

You’ll be able to watch them at VEXWorlds.

you can host almost anything you want as a “Scrimmage” its just not a qualifying event.

If you get 16 teams, this would be a skills only event. The tournament would be a scrimmage. You wold have to start your own tournament system to do 1v1.

In Tournament Manager, select VEXU as the Program Type in the tournament setup. This will give you the 1v1 qualification and elimination matches. It by default has Alliances set to 1 team, also.

TSA-VEX playoffs are 1v1 also, if you want to compete in one.