Possible wall-bot

Would something like this be legal?, If you had 2 robots with 1/8” nylon rope between them ,kept tight, this could be used to act like a wall-bot

90% sure you could push through it. I like the idea though


Beware of trapping. You might be breaking a rule on restricting a robot to a certain area depending on how you deploy. All “Is it legal” questions can be answered in the game manual, and I don’t see any rules broken here.

What about this? You could run a 2 person controller setup too

Yeah, that’s exactly what we were thinking. We’d probably have to use the nylon rope as opposed to metal because we don’t have sufficient parts.

A nylon rope in-between two 18inch bots and connected from the start would not be legal. if you make two smaller bots you need a wire connection in-between for the motors since you can’t have two brains. What exactly were you planning?

Id be more worried about it getting entangled with an opposing bot

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There would be no trapping issue as half the field is more than one field tile. You may get dq’ed for unnecessary risk of entanglement. I would not recommend this design, because you would be restricting your partner just as much as your opponents.

I believe you would have some trouble with entanglement, if this gets tangled around a robot you could get dq’d, that’s why our string is on the ground, so we can never get entangled


We were brainstorming ideas as we don’t have enough parts for a second stacker, we were thinking 2 push bots- around 15” by 15” base and around 8-9” tall each.

I have a question…
Could you braid the 1/8 nylon rope into a stronger rope?

I don’t see why not. If you use something like paracord, I doubt it will necessary, however.

That bot design has been done in New Zealand, they have a post on forums, search tether bot, or something similar, it’s a pretty cool design!


Yes, and seeing as unlimited is allowed, it could make to be a pretty strong rope if you braided it enough

Like stated earlier, given the rotating intakes on robots this season, if a robot is intaking cubes and hits the rope, it could get sucked into the intake and become entangled.
I also doubt an inspector would actually pass the bot, due to the unnecessarily high risk of entanglement

very cool bruv. I use a double slider as well.