Post height clarification

I was looking at the new game and the field setup in the manual, and it stated the short posts to be 20 in, while the tall posts were 32 in. But when I went to a design meeting with my team, my teammates mentioned that Appendix A stated that the post heights were 23 in and 34 in respectively. I was wondering if someone could clarify this for me, as this will be an important design aspect to consider for all teams. I have included pictures of both the official game manual and Appendix A to clarify any confusion.

I would ask anyone who is reading this & has the field elements to the Turning Point season to measure both the Low Post and High Post to actually clarify.

That is; Whoever comes back with the measurements, should reply on this topic hereā€¦

I looked at the product page, and it said that pipe was 23" tall. Plus, I would place more authority on the specifications appendix.

From another thread: