Post Side Autonomous

I was looking at videos, and saw that the teams that have autons for the post sides are about 8 or 9 points at most. We are working on a 9 point autonomous right now, and it looks to be that it will take 12-14 seconds (it scores on 3 posts), meaning we can’t get any further points.

I’m wondering if we could see higher scoring autons at worlds for Skyrise on the post side.

1 Cube Small Post - 3 Points
4 Cubes Medium Post - 9 Points
= 12 Point Cube Autonomous

Can easily done with lots of programming practice :slight_smile:

3 pts – basic
4 pts – 1 cube + 1 floor
6 pts – 2 cubes (our current stable autonomous)
8 pts – we are working on it.
10 pts – very difficult. mostly impossible for us.
12 pts – world 1st pick.

cyber brains has a 10 point auto. it works every time.
1 on low post and 3 on medium post.

we also have a 4 skyrise auto
can dump 2 cubes on a built skyrise, 2-5 skyrises high at the last second (skyrise built by partner) we did this during state finals.

12 point auto is very impressive. haven’t seen it yet. sure I will at worlds.

we will probably do a reveal before US open (nationals).

what have you qualified for?

good luck!

One thing I’ve seen some teams do is create a joint autonomous, in which one team builds up a skyrise, and the partner dumps on several cubes. Though it would be exceedingly difficult and require very high precision by both robots, it probably can be done.

We’ve qualified for worlds and nationals in Ohio, but we’re only going to worlds since it’s closer. :stuck_out_tongue: I might be doing a reveal some time before worlds.

From the responses, it looks like it is possible to get more than 8,9 points, so I’m shooting for at least 10 now :slight_smile:

Good luck to all programmers out there!

You tried to, but someone (cough cough) wouldn’t let you.
I have seen it in practice though, and it was very impressive!

Worlds and Nationals :stuck_out_tongue:

i dont know about easy. you would have to use the back of a lift to knock the cube on the small post then grab the two cubes closest to you turning 90 degrees to get the second one. you then score those on the middle goal, get two more from the pile and score those. it can be done, but you need a fast drive, efficient manipulator, a few sensors and a great programmer. 15 seconds is not a lot of time. kudos to you if this is your autonomous.

We started some work on the 11 point autonomous we have planned :slight_smile:

We scrapped our old 6 point autonomous (which used timers :p) and changed to encoders.

It only took about an hour to make, but we still need to have it put the cubes on straighter :smiley:

Here is the video.

In about 15 minutes today, i created an 8 point auton, but i am currently working on 10, 11, and 15 pointers. I think that for worlds, cooperative autonomous with skyrise and cubes on it would be killer. The only problem is consistency, and partnership.

Wow, a 15 point autonomous is most likely going to be #1 in the world. Is it going to be 1 on low, 4 on medium, and 1 on low post?

Also, I think that when allianced with a great Skyrise team who could get over 20 points in autonomous (2915A has a 28 point :eek:), autonomous points are ensured, and since autonomous is so game-affecting this year, it basically seals a victory.

A cooperative autonomous might be a little challenging though.