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I brought home the robot and essential parts for the summer so we can work during the holiday. Can’t wait until exams are done!

I sense this thread is not going to be very serious. :rolleyes:

This is mainly for our FRC team with the same number, but we venture in there to do some VEX stuff as well. Keep in mind this is the cleanest it has ever looked. Trust me. is where we get most of our parts from :wink:

There was a similar thread a few months ago, where I posted ours:

Changed the title and first post so no one can pull that off again.

Few months back I took this picture.

is where we get most of our parts from :wink:

There was a similar thread a few months ago, where I posted ours:

In the other thread the dropbox link says your photo was deleted.

We have cleaned up since this picture was taken. (~1 mo before worlds.)
Sorry it’s blurry…

Wow… I’m pretty jealous of those teams who have a full field… doesn’t that cost around $1K? Where do you get the funding? We only get around $500-$800 each year.

Well, I go to a swanky private school(:mad:) so that’s how we get funding.

We did a fundraiser where we showed parents from our school our VEX program and explained to them how we would really like to expand STEM at our school and involve more of our friends.

Well, we raised more than $150,000. Which is pretty freaking amazing. However, this is not solely for our VEX club. Our school holds the money and is buying lots of STEM related kits for everyday classroom use. However, we can buy pretty much anything since we started the whole initiative.

Mission Accomplished :cool:

So your work area should be pretty clean with maids cleaning it and all… :stuck_out_tongue:

You guys have awesome local support. My school is in a wealthy neighborhood, but we’re one of the lowest funded schools in the board. The reason? Low population (1200 students) and parents who won’t donate a penny to the school. Maybe that’s how they managed to be wealthy…

Pssssssssh…maids??? Nahhh, we have an army of cyborg monkeys. :wink:

You can build a Toss-Up field pretty cheap, the only item that really needs to be an official VEX part is the bump so you are traveling over the same surface. Once we get our whole field built it will be 1" X 12" lumber sides with the VEX floor mat and the $499 field kit, but you could actually use something else for the 24" goal and PVC pipe for the 13" bars that the big balls go on.

The only monkey we have stays busy building and driving the robot. :rolleyes:

All the parents are really supportive. However, some families have an insane amount of money. Every other kid at my school gets a brand new $80,000 Mercedes when they get their learners license.

Also, our school only has 1,000 students from kindergarten to grade 12.

That’s still pretty large for a private school. I will be neat seeing what your team is able to do with those resources.

Is it just me or did murdomeeks comment disappear?

I’ll answer his question anyways. We basically showed our board of governors our program and then they agreed to let us send out donation forms with the next school newsletter. The parents then wrote a check to the school if they wished to donate. Any parent could also come into our lab at any time to check out what they were donating for.

In previous years VEX has been more of a way to screw around for us and we have not preformed well at all. However, now that we have huge donations coming in our team feels that we have to preform well in order to make the contributions of parents worthwhile. So, hopefully we can make something good this year :stuck_out_tongue:

Being in the same region as WASABI, Exothermic and Robosavages is not going to help our goal, however. :frowning:

Just do the best that YOU can do and be happy with that! We are surrounded by crazy good teams ( Discobots, T-Vex, AustTINcans) and finished our first competition dead last, and our second competition 5th from last out of 47. We learned from our mistakes and also from the success of others and finished the year with 8 trophy’s and 2 WC qualifications. We still paled by comparison to several of our peers, but we were the best that we could be.

I can understand not wanting to let the parents down, but don’t let yourselves down either!

Now, what was this thread about? :smiley: