Posting Comments

Whenever I write a long comment, by the time that I’m done and I try to post it, the forum has logged me out, and I need to reenter my username and password. This isn’t a problem, except when I mistype, and get either of the two wrong. Once the username or password are entered incorrectly, the comment that I have written is not posted, even if I get the username and password right on the second try. Even worse, When I try to go back in my browser to access the comment, it is not there. So sometimes I have to retype these extra long comments (which are usually the only one’s that take long enough to write that the system logs you out) and it’s a real pain. I have taken to copying the comments before I hit submit to make sure that I don’t have to retype. Does anyone have a solution for this? (other than not to mistype my username and password :D)

my computer keeps me logged in (i checked the box)

Me also, have not needed to log in for weeks.

Wow, I guess that I came across as completely computer illiterate there. I almost never log in from the login box at the top right. I just reply to a thread, and log in when it asks me too. That combined with my general distrust of staying logged into anything made me not notice that. Sorry for the stupid question.

That has happened to me when I had a 3 paragraph long reply, then it logged me out. What is wrong?:confused:

Maybe that explains why Bot-E Builders every post is only one line long.
I avoid it by logging in first, or using the stay logged in button.
I used to have that problem, here, and on similar twiki sites.
I think there is a combination of clicks on “back” and “forward” on your browser that will recover your posting data, along with “resend the forms data” popup.
The backup plan is to always do select-all, copy before doing save, so if you lose it, you can just paste it back in after logging in.
The double paranoid backup plan is to also paste your text to a textfile before doing save.

i was wondering that too :cool:

Same here :smiley:

I’ve had that happen several times, but where I was logged in and my login expires or whatever so I lose the post. Now Whenever I’m making a response that’s more than a paragraph, I’ll copy it over to a notepad file before hitting “submit” in case it decides to delete my post.

I’ve had this happen to me too :frowning:
You could also just start writing in Notepad(++ :slight_smile: ), and then once your finished paste it into the reply box. That way you can save it locally and then have a copy of all your posts on your computer!

Or, if you’re using Google Chrome, check out this extension: