posting from nintendo wii

i am posting this from my wii

awesome!!! do you need a mod or can you do this by default

you can do it by defult you have to buy the browser from the shop channel in wii ware on the wii and you have to have wireless internet in your house or buy the usb ethernet for the wii

hmmm…now this is convincing me to buy a wii…i think id still rather the PS3 though :smiley:

I have the internet channel on my wii too!:smiley:

the Wii internet thing is like 5 bucks right?

the ps3 has free internet stuff tho right?

heh, just like microsoft to make everything they have we have to pay for (Xbox live)

bottom line ps3= best internet browser on consols

yea 5 bucks, BUT
I got it when it was in beta so its free, free, free for me, me, me!
Actually everyone thinks the ps3 is pretty nice but xbox 360 has features very similar to itunes. However, Im a huge nintendo fan…
Speaking of which, at my recent robot firefighting competition, someone used a wiimote acceloromater with a vex kit- im too afraid to take me wiimote apart to try it though :frowning:

Microsoft is evil. The first 10 yrs of my life I didn’t know apple existed. then i met the imac.
If your going with gaming get nintendo
If your looking for computers get apple with bootcamp or parallel and buy vista.

im posting from my wii too
it’s hard

I love the PS3, though its expensive at first, the internet acess is free forever AND the Playstation Store has many FREE totally FREE items for download and play.

lol for at least $180 bucks, whereas leopard is $130, that makes me mad, i was thinking of upgrade to vista home premium but then i saw leopard for $130

which do you tihnk i would get lol?

Ive heard that Vista is actually slower than XP. Does anyone know for sure?

I do know that vista has a neat feature,
It allows you to speed up your computer using somthing such as a flash drive or SD card.

To bad “ReadyBoost” doesn’t work worth…

yea vista is slower and is no need to upgrade xp to vista. In my experience, vista needs tons of improvements and i am going to wait for the next SP release until i get vista. Microsoft made too much of the appearance and it eats up all of my ram. I just got a new pc and vista wouldn’t run smoothly with it. It would freeze the sound and video and wasn’t pleasing to me. My sis’s old pc works well with vista, but she also hates the layout and design. It is pretty much an annoying security version of xp with aero built in. I would just use xp for now. Also you can use the ds platform to surf the web but their is no way of getting a ds compatible with flash so all the RIA’s (
youtube) which is pretty much everything on the web these days will not work!!! Simple text and pics work find on the dsorganize browser but u will need a flashcart like i have:D

On the Same Hardware, Vista will definitely be slower, and you add in the Aero Graphic Sub System, and its GAME OVER!!

I think that the Non-Microsoft FLASH issues will start to resolve themselves…
Read “Flash becoming more transparent platform” on Page 3 of the 15-MAY-2008 SD Times.

Lack of FLASH and SHOCKWAVE on the OS/2 platform are a “real killer”!

I’ll probably sitck with XP for a while if I can then, because I already run enough graphical stuff to slow down my system seriously.

i like what Apple is doing, their next OS version has no extra features, they are just optimizing the code and making the whole system run more efficiently and faster

My next machine is going to have to be powerhouse anyway because of all the crap I run on it, so I guess it doesn’t make a huge difference as far as I’m concerned.

list of all the stuff I have running at any given time on my machine:
Wallpaper Master
3Planesoft 3D Screenasvers
Avast! Antivirus
all the stuff that XP runs already

that makes the CPU usage sit around 30-60% in an idle state…
now take all of that and try to run Half-Life 2…
it doesn’t work well with a 4 year old laptop.
Looks cool though.