Posting this from my ds(not opera)

I am using a free homebrew web browser on datel’s games n music.and I must say its very cool;)

Are you posting on a DS?? I have one! Please tell me how you are doing this.

kool i might get a ds please post how to do this

this would definily be one of the reasons i would get a DS, also i love mario and zelda (espicially the new one)

as said before, how do you do this?

my brothers got ds’s how do you do it???

i can post on my brothers PSP, take forever though because of their terrible set up, ive actually never tried it yet though

all i know is that you need the internet chip for ds costs like $30 dollars

but seriously, sturm, how do you do this!

Get the DS opera Web Browser. They make one for the lite and original. I am going to buy one soon.

ya i can post from my bros psp my other brothers ds’s after i get opera and i can post from my wii