Posts not going where they should

I’ve noticed this happening several times. For example in this thread when I posted it was 11:06 but my post ended up back above an earlier post at 10:56. It always seems to happen by 10mins. It also happened in this thread with lowfategg’s post.

Is this problem on the user’s end or the forum’s end?

I had it happen to me about 4 times today but I would deleted the post and repost it and everything was fixed. Seems random and its really annoying.

i think it’s on the forum end, im pretty sure it’s a time problem on the Vex server, if you search again to fast you are getting like 300 seconds instead of wait 10

although you’re right this is annoying and i think it needs to be fixed because it also makes the Vex Forum seem a little less proffesional

The forums are run on multiple load-balanced servers … one of them had an issue keeping its time synced, and that was fixed this morning. Everything should be good from now on.


Ok thank you.