Potential new Vex product - Ultra low friction and low cost lead screw for linear actuator


I’m familiar with Vex planetary gear sets for rotary motion and current lead screw offering but would like to suggest this idea for an ULTRA low friction and easy to manufacture lead screw that could be used for robotic linear motion. The attached video link shows a rotary motion version but it could be easy to drive the lead nut and create linear motion. The ULTRA low friction is QUITE unique and allows the nut to be driven vs the screw. The (2 start - 2 surface) lead screw in this video was twisted with my mini lathe from a 1/4 x 1/16 flat bar. The nut was 3D printed. I have also 3D printed a (4 start - 4 surface) lead screw successfully and nut . Video also shows a 1 way jaw clutch function.


Hmm, sounds like a cool idea. Perhaps create a mock up in CAD and submit it as an entry for the VRC High School - CAD Engineering Challenge Sponsored by Autodesk.


Combine it with a good boxed linear slide and we have a deal.

Vex’s linear slides are such a joke. They are exclusively used in FRC and FTC, and we out here using custom spacer based rigs.


I’m a 61 year old retired engineer. Not sure I should apply anything High School but willing to transfer knowledge.

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What is FRC and FTC?
Seems like Vex linear slide is for learning. I’m advocating practical application.
There seems to be a lack of linear actuator options. Thus, this idea.

I’m still waiting on v5 differential that’s as good/usable as the iq one.

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Oh, well then maybe this will serve as inspiration to someone else’s online challenge.