Potential QNA Question

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After reading through some QnA’s, as well as searching for a bit on the forums, I haven’t found the answer to a question I had, but wanted to ask here, after looking through SG8 and not finding anything

During one of our matches, our Robot was doing the roller, and then turning to go and drive down the line to shoot some discs, however, another robot on the roller across the side turned at the same time, and for a brief moment, their robot was pushing the disc on the auto line, that was then pushing our robot, that therefore moved it, and the robot missed its shots.

Now, I know how to fix this in code, to correct for error and to have a better navigate function, but wanted to know if this would break any rules, and or would have resulted in any violations.


G17 and SG8 should answer your question. In this case, it probably would have been a minor violation, and the refs would have awarded your team the autonomous bonus.


Thanks mate!

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Thank you! Something similar happened to us too.

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