Potential Way to Defy SG9?

So, as I’ve mentioned in a few previous posts, I’m in charge of my team’s late season bot, and I recently had an idea: What if you simultaneously reached down for a cone while stacking another? If you timed your drop off and intake correctly you could avoid violating SG9 while still improving efficiency of your stacker. Anyways, I’ve been having a hard time developing the idea so that it doesn’t eat up motors and sacrifice height, not to mention still be highly complex, so I decided to see what people think of it.

If you build a robot as you describe, SG9 isn’t violated, and defiance isn’t necessary.

I’ve thought about that myself quite a bit…have an idea in mind. It would still use a reasonable amount of motors, but wouldn’t be able to stack more than 4 or 5… that’s the biggest drawback at this point in the design process.

I was thinking you could raise your drivetrain a whole bunch, carry two mobile goals on the back of your bot, and then have a set of alternating chain bars that could get about 7 cones. I still don’t think this would be good enough for the late season, though, you would always lose the high stack bonus. Also, you wouldn’t be able to score more than 28 cones, and I’m pretty sure a fast DR4B or scissorlift could equal that. Also, you would for sure lose the high stack bonuses, and having been in competition now I’ve found them to be a lot more important than they look.

Here’s a picture of the idea:

It could be good for skills though

It could. I still might be able to use the motors to make a fast enough lift that it would be pointless, though, so I think I’m going to stick to that for now. Besides, that gives us a shot in tournament as well.

You could maybe try having two cone manipulators that grab the cone in different areas of the robot to achieve a simulator effect