Potentiometer Issues

Hey, I was wondering if any of you guys have had issues with potentiometer’s jumping 1500 counts or so? Today I was doing some tuning on my bot and the pot started showing real issues, it threw off pretty much all of my code and it’s causing me a lot of frustration because it’s going to be a pain to replace however we are going to replace it tomorrow. At the same time though I feel like it didn’t break it’s almost like it got reset or something. Any ideas?

I’m not sure why this takes place but the way we combat this issue is but haveing a limit switch at the bottom
Of the lift so that the minimum resets at the start of every match making it so much more consistent

It sounds like your potentiometer is technically broken, but still usable. From the factory, the potentiometers have hard stops to prevent axles from going beyond their sensing range, but these hard stops are frequently broken, allowing rotation beyond the sensing range.

What you need to do is rotate the potentiometer to find the sweet spot (the position at which the mechanism never triggers unexpected values) and remount it.

+1 to @Barin , you are going beyond the range of the sensor.