Potentiometer - Programming

Can anyone help me with the potentiometers…
I have never used those sensors before, but now i really need them…
i have no clue about how to program them, and how they work…

so, if u have any link to a video that will help me understand more about them or if u have any sample program that will help…
i looked at some programs on this site, but they didn’t help

Thank you :slight_smile:

The potentiometer reads values depending on the position of the shaft you have inserted in it, it has a limitation of about 250 degrees. (measurable) It senses the angle using friction, and to program it you can simply read the values the potentiometer gives you when it’s in certain positions in the code language you are using, and it doesn’t take very much knowledge in programming to understand the rest.

Go here: http://content.vexrobotics.com/docs/inventors-guide/vex-robotics-potentiometer-inst-small.pdf for more information on the VEX potentiometer.
And go here: [https://vexforum.com/wiki/index.php/Potentiometer for some extra info, and also sample code you can copy/modify for your needs.

~Jordan](https://vexforum.com/wiki/index.php/Potentiometer for some extra info, and also sample code you can copy/modify for your needs.)

if you have no experience in the coding of it, then i will try to explain it in basic terms

pot is connected to arm
if the arm is too low it will break

check the pot
if pot is less than 100 (example) STOP the arm
if pot is more than 100 then do nothing

thats pretty much how you have to think when you are programming a pot
if you get that, then analyze a few sample programs and you are good to go!