Potentiometer reading affects digital ports

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Something told me I should have put the thread here… :wink:

Checked just now-no.

I will try that.

I’m still puzzled on why the pot should effect the digital ports, though… :confused:


If your pot is not plugged in backwards now,
then try plugging it in backwards anyway…

Power and ground are common across the whole group of digital pins.
The pot has the signal wiper sweeping from 5v to gnd across a resistor from power to ground. If its plugged in backwards, I think it one end of range will short 5v to ground. While the bus is protected from damage, the ports aren’t isolated from each other, so shorting the bus will prevent everything else on the bus from working.

Thank you for explaining that… it’s starting to make sense. (I’m going to experiment tomorrow… too late for robots tonight for me…)