Potentiometer Troubles

I have a potentiometer on my lift (reverse double 4 bar, for those curious). As I was setting the lift to different heights to get the potentiometer values for these heights, I found that my potentiometer does something strange.
I don’t have the exact numbers off-hand, but let’s say the ground height is 1500 and the values decrease from there (I know they should increase but we put the potentiometer on backwards, whatever). The first 4 or 5 Skyrise heights decrease by about 200 per section, but then around 400, the reading jumps to 200 and continues from there for about the length of the entire 6th Skyrise section and then gets back on track with where it should be for the 7th Skyrise section.
Has anybody else experienced this kind of issue? Is there a fix for it or is this potentiometer broken?

Pots give a value of roughly 0 to 4000. Are you sure you’re not running the pot too close to (or beyond) its lower limit? Even just near the extremes, some pots give unreliable numbers, so it’s best to run them well within their range and not near the fringes.

EDIT: also make sure that the connections aren’t being pulled apart or bent or something as the arm moves. Bad connections can also make pot values leap around.

It’s not uncommon. The pot may be bad or the shaft through it may be at an angle causing mechanical stress. Take the pot off and if it gives the same result when moving by hand throw it away. They can be repaired but it’s not legal for use on a competition robot.

Potentiometer repair

Yup, right here! I had 2 Potentiometers on my lift, one on each side: While it was moving up one of them was working perfectly, it increased as it should, but the other one randomly jumped to values while I was moving up which made me just ignore that potentiometer’s values in my program.
It could be a problem with the extensions I was using (although that is very unlikely, but it could still be possible) but I was tired so I didn’t really care about it and just turned of that one in my code.