Potentiometers On CB

On my chain bar, my secondary lift, I want to use potentiometers for better auto stacking. However, the axle that the gear that turns the bar on does not spin. How should I attach the pot?

Maybe put it on the other end, on the shaft connecting to the roller or claw assembly. That part always rotates at the same rate as the stationary shaft would.

I would do that, but I have screw joints on the sprocket on my intake.

You could add an Ideler gear of the same size of your chainbar gear and attach a potentiometer on that.

What we do is instead of putting the green inserts in the gear, we put them in the sprocket(or drill a hole in the sprocket). Then use the the black inserts in the gear and then the shaft spins.

The axle does not spin relative to the robot, but it does spin relative to the actual chainbar. (or flip this, one does, one doesn’t). So all you have to do is mount the pot to the chainbar arm instead of the robot.


^^This. Get the new sprockets that have inserts and use a round insert in the sprocket. This will mean that you have to lock the sprocket in place with screws rather than a lock bar but it’s actually more secure that way anyways.

Don’t do what @Royal_xD suggested, lol sorry. My team had that set up for a while and the sensor readings were MUCH less accurate due to the slop in the chain.

@917F Ohhh that’s true. I never thought about that lol