POV camera

We are using VEXiq (Middle school). We are running our own search and rescue competition between our own middle schools (hopefully building a team for the larger competitions). We purchased a few of the VEX vision sensors

We are having trouble getting these working with the Gen2 iq brains. I called VEX and they are hard to get straight answers from.
We want to be able to broadcast the video onto a computer screen.
-What are teams using for cameras for a POV?


The vision sensor doesn’t really work like that when it comes to getting POV video, your best bet would be if you want it wireless would be a separate POV camera (pyrodrone.com) and looking for Cameras, VTX (Video Transmitter) and a LiPo battery source, then getting a video receiver screen. The only problem is those get SUPER hot hence why they go on a flying drone.

The other option would be to run a go pro and a USB-C cable to a computer and open up a camera program to see it.

You should be able to connect to the Vision Sensor through built-in wifi and stream the video feed. I have not used them with VEXIQ v2, though. What issue are you having? Are you able to see the Vision Sensor WIFI from a laptop or phone when they are connected to a Brain that is turned on?

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What I have done is I have a couple of old goPros, I attach them to a c channel and screw it onto the robot.

You might could find a small light go pro for this, but we get some great match footage from this.

This is how you do it with v5, it should be similar with VEXiq

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