Power deficiency

We have a basic push bot with an arm that only contains 6 motors, but for some reason in every match our motors will cut off making us lose. Is there something that I can do that can prevent this from happening. We lost a championship match due to this flaw that we really need to fix. Thanks.

You need more motors on your drive

I have four on my wheels and two on my arm, I think that it might have something to do with a power expander?!?!

It looks like most of you robot is steel, i.e. 4 motors is definitely not enough to make that a push bot. If your only using 6 then you’re able to add up to 6 more motors on your drive.
If you know it’s not overheating than i would say look at your battery connections and make sure their all firm and won’t disconnect after hitting something.

What ports are your motors in?