power expander and two-wire motors

my question is simple, can the power expander be used with the two wire motors?
i know it will work if the speed controllers are used, but can a two wire output be directly plugged into the power expander?

from what i understand, the signal is not connected to the second battery, the ground [or common] is connected to the micro-controller and the second battery, and the power is only from the second battery.

so i dont know if this will work, but i wanted to ask

No, it doesn’t work to plug a 2 wire motor into a 3wire output port of a power expander.

A power expander has 3 wire input and 3 wire output.

A #29 Speed controller has 3 wire input of power/gnd/pwm-signal,
and converts it through an H-bridge to 2 wire output.
The 2 wire output is a different format of PWM.
The 2 wire output can drive
Either power=red, gnd=black (forward)
OR gnd=red, power=black (reverse).

i had thought so, but i didn’t know how the power expander was wired.

To clarify, you can use the power expander with 2-wire motors (I am). You just need to purchase a motor controller 29 module for each 2-wire motor that you plan to use.

or you can just use them for random “regular” motors
2 batts are better than one right??

i had put in the power expander yesterday, and today when we tried to hang it didn’t happen, i believe that the power expander actually screwed us over