Power Expander Issues

Hey. We are a somewhat new team, and we are having power expander issues. When we plug in a new, fully charged battery into a new, never used power expander the green light either only goes on for half a second then turns off, or never turns on at all. The motors don’t run, and all of the connections to and fro the micro controller are secure. Any advice? It will be hard to compete without it.

I’ve seen it before, and it was due to the battery terminals not properly contacting the terminals in the PE’s plug. Check that the inner metal pieces all fit together snugly, and using an allen key or mini screwdriver to bend them so they are tight and make good contact. That should fix it, if not there may be an issue with the PE, but it’s unlikely.

We have that same problem that almost cost us our last tournament champion. My daughter’s power expander broke during a qualification round so we put in a brand new expander and we have intermittent connection. So we have to swap out the brand new connector with another new one just before the finals. Turns out the metal connector were not pushed all the way in at the factory so when we plug the battery in the connector gets pushed out. I only found out when we got home and look at it carefully with a loupe. We just push the connector until it clicks and all went well after that.