Power Expander Issues

Our team has recently been experiencing problems with our power expander and we think it’s due to short circuiting. This occurs whenever we run our single flywheel or one of our other motors. When they’re running, it refuses to respond and there’s not really a pattern to its inconsistency. Even when we turn on the robot with fresh batteries, it refuses to respond. We have another one, but we’re curious as to what would be causing this issue. If anyone has any advice to offer, we’d appreciate it! Thanks!

Did you try using your power expander with anything else such as drive motors because sometimes a flywheel can draw a lot of voltage if you have y cables in the expander too and it can trip the breaker.

What does the LED do on the power expander?
You may be tripping the breaker

Our LED just stays green.

Look where the cord goes into the base. It frays quite easily at that spot. Order a new one.

Then use a standoff and zip ties to hold the battery power wire in place to reduce the strain on the battery wire at that joint.