Power Expander Issues

We are currently implementing a power expander but when we plug in a battery the light just flashes green then goes away. I have been doing some research but nothing is coming up. I’m curious if anyone else has had this problem and knows a solution to it.

You might have a bad battery but if it’s not that then maybe try a different power expander

Normally the power expander will just blink once when you plug in the battery when the brain power is off. Is it just not running the motors on the power expander?

The power expander light will flash once and then go away until you turn the cortex on.

I should have been more clear. Even when our cortex is on, the power expander is not working. We have tried multiple batteries and so far 2 different expanders.

Do you have 3 wire extensions from the power expander to the cortex? Are they plugged in fully?

As @9065_parker implies, people often do not realize how far the male plug ends of the extension cables have to pushed into the power expander. This is the most common cause of power expander ports not working when you first try to use one.