Power expander light

At our last competition we had a couple matches where at random times our power expander would cut out and it wouldn’t reconnect for the rest of the match. After each match I looked at the light to see if it was connected and it was flashing green. I’ve looked around and I can’t find anything on this so I was just wanting to know from everyone if this was a problem with the power expander or not(if not then what could be the problem?) as we have state coming up in a couple weeks and if it’s a problem with the power expander i want to order a new one before it’s too late and it screws us over again.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

This problem has continued to reoccur for us also, especially at our last competition. I have found out that the status plug for sum reason makes the power expander cut out. Try unplugging the status port and then see what happens.

Ok. Thanks. I’ll try that.

The different light codes are listed under the LED Status Indicator tab on the product page.

Please post back if it works or not. We are actually looking at using the status port, and we would be very sad if it ended up killing us instead of helping.

Well according to the product page it looks like we were just overworking it because the only time it happened was in a match when we had a big load and since then we’ve changed our lift to a 2 bar to cut on weight so i can’t really test it now…

We use the status port on the power expander on both of our robots with no issues. It’s only to check the voltage of the battery for the LCD display, but still, no issues. There are 6 motors tied together, and only 2 of them are powered by the expander, so not a huge load.

We just need to remember to run a wire from the cortex to the input on the expander after a rebuild…