Power Expander problems

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Power Expander problems

I’m trying to get the Power Expander to work.

I have a solid green light on the Power Expander, and I have 3 of the inputs connected to the Vex controller. I tried connecting a motor into any of the 3 outputs, but it does not seem to work. When I bypass the power expander by connecting the motor to what I had originally connected to the Power Expander, the motor turns correctly (as per the joystick controls). Reconnecting the working motor circuit to the power expander does not move the motor.

Do I have a bad power expander or is there something I am doing wrong? I assume I do not need to connect anything to the status port??


Paul Tan.

It wasn’t obvious to me but when you hook up the wires the white wires from each set go toward the center of the power expander. We didn’t connect anything to the status port.