Power Expander Problems

We have installed our power expander to our robot. We have our life, and intake going to the power expander. While we were driving around yesterday, we encountered numerous problems with either the lift, or intake not working. We would mess around with pushing the wires in more, and it seemed to work. Is there a way to keep the wires going into the expander to stay there and not pop out?

Has anyone else encountered these problems?


Jesse there is a slide that keeps the wire in… I had the same issue until I asked someone… but basically you push the wires in all the way and then the gray plastic piece I think It has a vex logo on it…? slides in one direction…test the slide without wires in it so you don’t break it or the wires by not knowing what direction it slides…

Oh, OK.

That may fix our problems :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you sir!