Power Expander Status Battery Voltage in Cortex

Hello Vex community.
I want to know how I can monitor the battery voltage on the power expander. I tried example codes that have RobotC and modified the parameter reading. What I did was change the parameter of the main battery for an analog signal from the pin “STATUS”. My problem is when I turn off the cortex, the power expander stays on and blinks red light. If anyone can help me to know how to monitor the battery in the power expander would appreciate.
Captura de pantalla (55).png

instead of dividing by 1000 for the sensor value divide by 280

I am also having the red light when the robot is off though.

Does it happen when you don’t have the power expander status port plugged in to an analog port on the Cortex?

It happens when the status port is plugged in and the robot is turned off.

The red blinking light consequently is always on, I have no idea why this is, but it happens to all the teams I have seen using the STATUS port.

What you do not know if the flashing red light causes some problem robot?

It has no effect on the robot that I am aware of.

The flashing is due to VEX releasing a bugged version of the power expander. They released the A2 version which fixed the blinking red light. It does not affect your robot, it only annoys the hell out of me whenever i look at it. :smiley: