Power Expander w/ 2-Wire 393

Has anyone tried running 4 of the 2-Wire 393 motors for their drive system (so they will be constantly moving) with 6 3-Wires that only ocassionally move along with the new niMH 3000mAh batterey?

I’m curious as to see if the battery is able to sustain for about 2 rounds without needing recharging, and if a power expander would be recommended. Also, will the 2-Wire Motors be able to connect to the power expander without triggering the internal breakers?


Battery load probably won’t be the bottleneck with reasonable loading on all motors. The primary issue that might come up would be current draw, so be careful not to bring the 393’s too close to stall.

What I want to know when we get our hands on our parts, is if you can run 3 HT motors at all times. You would run one off the power expander, The the other 2 would run off the breakers on the CPU. Anyone tried that yet? You could achieve a very fast kiwi drive 3 wheel robot. :smiley: