Power Expander

I’ve done research on Wiki to figure out how to make the Power Expander Battery voltage a variable but I don’t understand their terminology. Could someone please simplify how would go about doing this. Thank you.

Hello 9364F,

To have your Power Expander report approximate battery status to a VEX ARM® Cortex®-based Microcontroller, you will need to connect a PWM cable from the Status port of the Power Expander to an analog input on the Cortex.

If the analog value is greater than 974, then the battery is above 6.3v. If the value is between 851-973, the battery is between 5.5v and 6.3v. If the value is less than 851, the battery is below 5.5v and should be charged.

Additional information on the Power Expander, including LED light codes can be viewed here.