Power Issues with V5 Smart Field Controller

Hi - we are in the process of setting up our fields with the V5 Smart Field Controllers. We are using the adapter to plug the power supply directly into the brain, bypassing the need for a battery. The issue we are finding on two different controller sets is that if you power the brain off, it will not turn back on unless you disconnect the power supply first. After reconnecting the power supply, the brain will turn back on. Has anyone else seen this? Any ideas on a solution? Thanks!

Just tested V5 Smart Field Control with battery, and it behaves the way you expect in terms of powering back on after power off.


I checked this with a stock V5 Brain and V5 Smart Field Controller - the behavior is as you state, if you shut down, you have to disconnect power before it will start again. I did not try with V5 Battery.

That said, we never noticed this behavior as standard operating procedure for us is to power the whole field set down and back up with the power strip (this include rPis). This is the fastest reset we could do.

@mbeem - any insight from the V5 hardware team why this is?

I have a feeling this is normal behavior (meaning I have noticed this over the years as well), but I will check some of the systems I have here again. Usually when powered from a battery, shutdown mostly happens because we instruct the battery to turn off, that removes power from the system.