Power Loss Issues

My team and i have a six-bar lift on our robot, and a claw. Our problem is that in order to hold the scoring objects, we need to hold the claw closed. when we do this, it causes the arm to lose power for a short time. We first experienced this problem when we had our drive motors and our claw motors powered directly from the micro controller (our lift motors were plugged into a power expander). this configuration would cause our drive motors to lose power. We then tried plugging our claw motors into the power expander along with the lift motors. With this configuration, our lift would lose power. This leads us to believe the claw motors were draining too much power. does anybody have suggestions on how to fix that?

Put a rubber band or two on the claw to pull it together when you have objects in it.

Thanks, we’ll definitely try that

also try maybe rewiring your bot and spreading the motor ports out evenly throughout the cortex and power expander. My bot had similar issues where the lift was stalling out and i ended up completely rewiring and it helped.

One good strategy that I have been using ever since I learned programming is to have each system on our robot on opposite ends of the cortex ports. For example, the rightFront wheel in port 1 and the leftFront wheel in Port 10, liftMotorRight1 in port 3 and liftMotorLeft1 in port 10. This makes sure that the amount of load is as balanced as it can get throughout the ports.