power of rack and pinion

I need to build a rack and pinion system that can lift my robot up, which is just a tank tread bot on a square bot frame with 4 motors on it.

Will i be able to get by with just the 12 tooth gear and the rack box?

otherwise i’ll build a put rubber bands on the linear sliders and attatch it to a winch.

the linear sliders will be pushing downwards to lift the robot up.

how much can a 12 tooth gear rackbox lift?

Last year, one of the teams in my class made a fork-lift attachment for a squarebot. They used a pair of linear slides each driven by a rack & pinion. The pinions were 36t gears and were powered by a pair of servos.

The setup was strong enough to lift another squarebot off the ground pretty easily. They wound up adding a counterweight to the back of their squarebot to prevent it from tipping when it picked things up.

As I recall, they did add a lifting spring to the mechanism to give it a little more strength, but if driven by a 12t gear I don’t think that would be needed.

Hope that helps,

  • Dean