Power Questions


I was wondering how much power the old 3 wire motors draw at full power in mA or A. It doesn’t say in the wiki.

And it looks like the PIC uses 62 mA, so we are good there.


I don’t remember where I found the numbers but I show 1.6A stall current in this graph.


As a comparison, a 269 is 2.8A (my number, wiki says 2.6) and a 393 4.8A.

In a “normal”, non-stalled, situation you will be using about 0.5A.

Here is a thread discussing stall current on the 393 motors. Peaked once at 5.2A, but that was without a motor controller in the loop so the 4.8A number sounds just about right after the voltage drop from the MC29.


  • Dean