power tools

try designing some portable power tools apposed to the allen keys. also maybe one that could cut metal down to size for you like a pocket hacksaw.

id like to see a leatherman type tool with the main pliers and some allen wrenches on one side and a wrench and fold out nut driver on the other maybe make the tools detachable or something,

I would say even if they don’t come out with some form of power tool they still need to upgrade they’re tools to make them more effective and faster.

What are you trying to say? A harder tool so it doesn’t strip or something?

If so If the tool was harder than the metal that made the screws you would just end up stripping the screw in most if not all cases. The tools are “weak” in relation so the tool will strip before the screw strips. I do this all of the time since I have a bad habit to tend to ever tighten things. If this were the case with stronger tools taking apart anything would basically be pretty much the most annoying thing in the world…

just my .02 cents


Good point. Than at least something like you suggested like a multi tool.