would it be possible to use the electric charge of a potatoe to power your robot? A random question, I know, but I was curious.:confused::confused::confused::confused:. For some odd reason it will not allow me to add another :confused: how confusing

It would be possible, but in no way legal. :stuck_out_tongue:


If you take a potatoe powered LCD clock has insufficient current, and too high internal resistance, to power Vex.
If you have a Mr Fusion module to fuel with the potatoe, there are much better uses for it than powering a Vex robot.


But you have to admit that there are many ***worse ***uses, too.

Well, it was a very stupid question, but as there are potatos used to power bombs, I would assume that you could use them to power a robot, even if multiple were needed

You stole our idea!!! >:O Just kidding. Its a small possible teaser for Aperture though :wink: