Powerful Flywheel

How do you make a flywheel more powerful? We can get our flywheel to hit the flags, but it takes a couple shots before it will turn all the way. Is this just a compression problem, or is it something else?
[Edit]: Sorry about the sideways picture. Not sure what is causing that.

Doesn’t look sideways for me.

Looks like your hood could be flexing as the ball is shot. You may want to look into solidifying its position. It also may help to check for friction, if you haven’t already.

Make sure your compression is good. The ball shouldn’t be able to just fall through the flywheel due to gravity, but it shouldn’t really move the hood as it goes. See if you can angle your hood in a better way as well

how would we change the angle to be better?

the obvious solution here is to switch to a 2-ball catapult

The top of the hood is bent back to keep it out of the way. We just don’t want to cut it until we finish the entire flywheel.

You could try plexy for the hood if you keep having problems with the plate

The picture is blurry, so I can’t see your gear ratio. But, you should make sure that it is running at at least 3000RPM. If it is moving to slow, the ball will not pick up enough speed to toggle the flag.

I’m talking about the flywheel, sorry for not elaborating.

It is has a 4000RPM gearing, but I feel that it spins more around 3000RPM.