Powering LEDs with a backup battery

Hello, my team wants to add led strip lights to our robot. We don’t want to drain the cortex battery, and we are pretty sure we are not allowed to use a separate battery for the lights, even if it is obviously not connected to the cortex. (please correct me if this is wrong) Are we allowed to power the lights directly off of the backup battery while it is connected to the cortex? Also, are we allowed to use a rechargeable 9V backup battery? We would also like to make the lights change color, which would be complicated to do using the cortex. Would it be fine if we used an Arduino to control the lights if it is not plugged into the cortex? Thanks for any help

A separate battery for LED lights would violate 2 rules. Firstly no additional batteries are permitted. Secondly, LED lights aren’t permitted. As well Arduinos wouldn’t be permitted under <R8> g.

I’d like to point out that the purpose of the 9v backup battery is to maintain the VEXnet communication link when your main battery goes off for whatever reason. Why LEDs are more important than connectivity has me puzzled.

We are only planning to use the LEDs as a nonfunctional decoration, and we will probably not have them on most of the time. If we power them from a 5V sensor port how much current could be safely drawn from the Cortex?

I asked this during SS year and was told it was not allowed (though not explicitly prohibited in the rules as written).

If you want lights, VEX makes a pack of LEDs that are definitely competition legal.

Unfortunately, non-functional in this years games means turned off due to interference with V5 vision. So the real question, why bother? Would it not be more effective to have nice graphics (as long as they are not meant to deceive V5 vision sensors) on the robot that require no power?