Powering Old "Motor Modules"

We have some old VEX “Motor Modules” at my school. I believe these preceded the 292 motors. This motor has three wires.

We’d like to use these motors - assuming they are still good. I’ve tried a few combinations of powering these modules, but to no avail. Does anyone know the power connections for these motors? If so, please post.

Try plugging the three wire connector on the motor directly into one of the three wire motor ports on the cortex.

Plugging them in directly to the cortex. They are indeed the predecessor to the 292 motors.

what’s a 292 motor? did you mean 269?

Yes, I meant 269. I’m getting confused with the 393.

I wouldn’t use the Motor Module except for something that doesn’t need much torque. Also, don’t motor modules have clutches or need external clutches since they have plastic gears?

This is correct. In terms of speed,they put out the same rpm as the “torque” internal gear setting in the 393s, but I wouldn’t use it for the same applications because of the plastic gears.