Powering Side Rollers

So I am going to use side rollers and I do not have any motors left. I am already using all 12 motors and I need a way to power these side rollers. I originally planned on gearing them up somehow, and I am wondering if there is a good way to do this without taking to much room. The angle is about 150 degrees.

I honestly don’t think you can do much to power side rollers without any motors left. What you can do is try to transfer the motor power from any other mechanism you have to the side rollers via gearing or chains. Or you can also sacrifice motors you already used to the side rollers. I think these are things you had to consider before during a brainstorming session and not during an assembly (unless you’re CADing).

Just came up with an idea but I don’t think it’s a reliable one. As you drive around, power the side rollers with the floor. As you go forward, you can power some wheels and gearings with the floor while moving, as you transfer that power to the side rollers. The only con would be when your robot is stationary. It would need your robot to move to function the side rollers. (I hope I made sense. I’m really bad at explaining ideas without drawing it on a white board.) While I believe it’s not a reliable idea, it’s a possible solution for your situation. You’re better off with independent motors on your side rollers.

I was planning on gearing, I guess I should had been more specific, I was asking if anyone new a good way to do this. But I guess you cant do anything without the drawing (Autodesk).

It all depends on what kind of mechanisms are in your robot. Maybe you can power the side rollers from your drive train. I honestly rather go with independent motors on side rollers.

CAD is really good to prep work and avoid situations like this. It also speeds up building but it all comes to what you design. You can encounter the same situation you are in CAD but on the bright side, you’re not using any real pieces for your robot. You can redesign without the effort cost.

I would do what was made popular last year… this may only work with a catapult design ( Which i assume you have since you are using side rollers). Have a reverse ratchet from your catapult motors to the side rollers… Thats one of the only ways you could do this without taking off currently used motors…