Practical Robots Ideas

I am looking to create a challenge for my Robotics 1 class on practical robot designs. For example at VEX Worlds 2017 there was a VEX robot that was built and programmed to cut axles to specific lengths. Also we saw a vex robot that automatically turned off and on the power to charge vex batteries. Does anyone have any examples of this challenge that they have done with students or photo examples of robots that do things other than the “driver” type challenges.
Some ideas I have are:

  • toothpaste extrude and brush
  • open a door
  • rube goldberg motion
  • wooden box push button combo lock
  • can crusher
  • deliver hall passes around school programmable mini robot
  • roomba type robot parts off floor picker-upper.
  • automated animal food feeder

Would love to hear others ideas or see example is you have done a classroom challenge similar. Thanks!