Practicality of a Swerve Drive in CU

Hello All!

My team and I were looking at drive choices for this year, and came upon a design called a “Swerve Drive”. I wanted to ask the forum how viable it would be for this year’s game. Each wheel needs to have 2 motors on it, and since we would have a 4 wheel drive, we would be putting all of our 8 motors on the drive train. But, we wanted to see if we could create a passive scorer/de-scorer. Even if we don’t keep it for all season, we just wanted to try our hands at it, and see how it is.

Here’s a picture:



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Wait what’s bendy drive?

If you want to make a 4 motor swerve drive (known as a differential swerve), here is one side of one, as designed by Kyle from 81818X (I don’t know his forum name)

A diff swerve is the only way to actually build one in vex with the 8m limit

Its very hard, as can be seen from the picture


It’s possible to make a differential swerve drive in vrc, which would allow you to both turn the wheels and power them with one motor. It’s what Leo is about to post I think

Not practical at all. You wouldn’t have any motors for other scoring mechanisms. A passive mechanism to score in this game is almost impossible because of the lifting aspect.

I am going to give this post the benefit of the doubt for now…

Also no, swerve drives are never practical for competitive VRC robots

Thanks, but that seems to really have a lot of friction, are you sure that will work without an overheat?

Not necessarily, it’s possible to do both the turning of the wheels and powering the wheels with the same motor as Leo’s post shows

In all seriounsess if you were to attempt this it would be much more viabale to have 1 motor to turn the other motors, leaving 3 for whatever else

He just wants know if is practical or not, let him be man.

Swerve drive provides a lot of benefits that other drive trains don’t and they are used in other comps, which he may have been inspired by

idk ask kyle

This is a serious post. Pls don’t flag for once lol

ok, but the OP is asking if this is practical. That picture that was posted above is not at all practical.

I saw it on an FRC Robot (1690 If i recall) and I wanted to ask how that would work with VEX, considering we have a motor limit

It’s possible to make this design low friction and practical

I’m sure it is, I’m just saying its not worth it (imo)

What’s a flag? Is it like a report?

Swerve drive can turn from a bendy drive to a tank drive in less than a second. Very op if someone makes one with low friction

wow that is op!
bendy drive and tank drive at the same time!

i think we should all build sweve drive