Practicality of a Swerve Drive in CU

Thanks for the help everyone! But what is bendy drive, people keep comparing the swerve to it.

there was a post about someone else asking what a bendy drive was!!
i dont know where it went!!1 :angry:

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Could you send a picture, That sounds great! How many motors does it need?

Would you all please stop calling it bendy drive?
It’s called an X-Drive

My patience has run out.

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Taran this is an actual post about swerve drives. Chill

Let’s get back on topic

bendy drive does not at all describe what an X-Drive is. Nothing in an X-Drive is bendy.(assuming you build it right)


Swerve drives may be practical with good build quality and a differential system that has low losses. Itd be hard to pull off, but with a design like Kyle made its a possibility

where did your patience go?

But seriously, with all the discussion about bendy drives in Change Up, having the flexibility of turning into a bendy drive for maneuverability or a tank drive for torque is nice

I agree with Mr. 1669X, swerve drives are the ideal drive type in a perfect scenario

They can be bendy, holo or tank for maximum torque all at once

Oh. Sorry then. But does anyone have pics (or even video) of a Bendy Drive, I want to see how it works

It’s called an X-Drive, and it looks like this (or similar):

The thing about swerve drives is that they allow for you to have the same torque in each direction, something that a bendy drive cannot do because in orthogonal directions it loses torque by a factor of sqrt2/2.


That doesn’t look very bendy though. Hmm. What funtions does that drive have

Bendy drives allow for you to strafe and have a speed increase in non orthogonal directions by a factor of sqrt2 (and a torque decrease by the inverse)

I don’t think hes trolling?

He just doesn’t know the functions of a bendy drive or how it works. A swerve might be a bit easier to picture as the wheels themselves rotate.

Please don’t hate on new forum members!

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What? I was asking what that drive did. Maybe the forum isn’t that helpful then. Does anyone know where else I can ask this, like a Reddit or something?

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If you want to do more reasearch on “bendy drives” a quick fourm search for “x-drives” would probialy yeild some good results

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So Bendy drives and X drives are the same?