Practicality of a Swerve Drive in CU

cuz the seachannels are bent

Yeah i think there is a subreddit for vex

i think its called like r/vexrobotics or something, they seem like a very helpful and knowledgeable community

there is no bendy drive. X-Drive is what it’s called.
X-Drives have the ability to move forward/back, side to side, and diagonally

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That is an X-Drive. A few certain individuals who usually reside in the scary regions of discord have decided to make a few spam posts about calling them bendy drives. That’s not what they’re called, and no one who expects to be listened to calls them that.

And X-Drive will accomplish all the things that you would need a Swerve Drive to, and more, with only minimal losses when geared correctly.

You want an X-Drive, and if you are serious (and not a spam post/alt account, as your writing style would suggest), I would recommend reading this article, as well as doing your own research with the search term X-Drive.


It only has 623 Members. Maybe like a discord group, even a server. I don’t use it much but I have it

What do you mean my writing style, LOL. Anyway thanks for the article. I heard about this AURA team, didn’t they win worlds twice!?

@Sylvie this post is about swerve drives. Bendy drives are relevant to the discussion merely because swerve drives are often seen as capable of being both bendy drives and tank drives

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The diction that you use when asking questions is very similar to a few other alt/spam accounts we’ve seen recently. I’m willing to give you the benefit of the doubt here, but I am observing carefully. In addition, the range of your knowledge about VEX is odd. You know specific details that usually only hardcore vex nerds know, yet you lack knowledge about basic robotics terminology. I find it a bit suspect, but once again I will give you the benefit of the doubt here and continue to answer your questions.

protip for making alt accounts: switch up your writing styles when on an alt account, as it will make you harder to identify


i agree, swerve drive has the advantage of being able to go full power/speed in any direction and it can also go 1.4x speed in any direction because it can act as a bendy (aka x) drive as well.

The downside is that it is very hard to build and design effectively, especially when working with such a small motor limit

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As Kyle pointed out on vtow, swerve drives have the benefit of utilizing the full power of all 4 motors in any direction- something that tank drives and bendy drives cannot do. I think it’s practical to use a swerve drive as I said before, assuming you can make the diffy with low losses.

I have cousins who are in VEX, that’s why I know certain terminology. But I see why you’re advising

Well, theoretically it could go up to an infinite amount faster than a tank drive, depending on the angle at which the wheels are rotated. Practically I think you would be limited at around 3x speed before your motors start to burn out.

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Anyway, swerve drives could be used well while transferring optimal torque to every direction. However, with the motor restrictions, it is highly advised against making a swerve drive unless you are making the robot with V4 motors, in which case you would have more motors. Or, if you are in VEXU, this might be something worth experimenting in albeit it is highly unlikely to be effective for competition.

Torque is inversely related to speed, so as you go faster, the less pushing power you have, 'till the point that you cannot push your own robot

I think that 3x speed is very generous for how fast you could go, maybe 2x, especially considering frictional losses in something like a phat diffy swerve

EDIT: you were right about going faster than 1.4x speed though, good catch

Why would it not be practical to go faster?

I thought many people were discussing about gearing up drive speeds to maneuverability and for skills?

And wouldnt having a swerve drive allow for variable speeds and torque?

I don’t think motor limits are too relevant to this, since you can make a differential swerve drive with the design Kyle sent. All you need is to make it low friction

yes it would, as taran and I were saying above

Yes leo. There are many reasons why you wouldn’t want to go that fast. I was simply stating that it can be done.

Also I know how gear ratios work

Yes, but you risk burning out the motors at higher speeds and obviously have lower torque cuz they’re inverses

Oh sorry my bad, I was typing my post, and couldn’t see the new ones!

thank you mr. djavaisadog for helping me out

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