Practicality vs Looks?

Guys I need your honest opinion,

So I have a function in my code that moves the robot in a straight line from point A to point B. This function also makes the robot turn to face an entered direction while it is moving in that line.

Now I have two options, make it spin a lot near to end OR make it spin a lot near the beginning.

On one hand, making it spin a lot near the end looks very cool

On the other hand, making it spin a lot near the beginning is more practical as it corrects the angle before it reaches a game object so it can intake it.



I think you’d want it to spin a lot near the beginning if that would allow you to intake the ball easier. Looks are basically meaningless if there is a practical option. You should only choose the aesthetic option if the practical option doesn’t exist.


The only time aesthetic really matters is judged awards. Of something looks really jank, it may dissuade the budges from picking you over a clean looking bot. Every other time, go for practicality.


Exactly. The practicality will pay off in the long run with a consistent autonomous, which would help win you awards.

Definitely, and with smaller events with newer judges, they likely won’t be as critical towards the subtle programming flaws than the team members themselves. If you don’t point it out, its possible you’ll be the only one who notices the inefficiencies.

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