Practice Channels

We haver tried to change channels following the manual both via a dongle on the 2004 or as indicated in the docs with respect to the 2005 with no joy.

For the 2005 FRC System, you must leave the MSB bit set on the TEAM NUMBER Dip-Switches the entire time you are using practices channels. Since you must change the Team Number on the OI to enable practice channels, you must now “TETHER"? to set the Team Number on the RC.

In order to have two different teams practice together, do they both need to change their team numbers since they are already different or can one team just select another channel and then tether the robot so it knows the new channel?

**Channel Number and Team Number are different but changing one can affect the other. Each team must be on a different channel. The channel number for the radio is set by the channel dip switches on the OI. To enable the practices channels you must use a dongle, or for the 2005/6 OI units you can set the MSB on the team number. If you set the MSB, the team number has been changed so, you must tether to get the new team number into the RC unit not a channel number.

The OI defaults to channel 40. Therefore, one team would not have to do anything and they will operate on channel 40. All other teams have to be on a different channel which may or may not include changing the team number and tethering.**