Practice field and old game objects in NorCal - Free

I was a mentor for a Vex team (Team 3129 the Green MacHHHHine). All the members have graduated and now we have some materials to give away. All materials are located in Los Altos, California, and must be picked up (no shipping) before October 31 (we’re selling the house!).

We have:

  • Two sets of field tiles (one is pretty beat up, the other set is in OK shape)
  • Full wood outside barrier for a practice field (with connecting hardware - see pics)
  • 2 large and many small Toss Up balls
  • 2 Toss Up bumps
  • Sack Attack sacks (many)
  • 1 Sack Attack trough
  • Some Gateway balls and barrels

Please contact me if you are interested, and we can work out a time to meet.