Practice fields and skills challenges

Hi, I just had a couple of questions mainly regarding Wednesday and Thursday’s Schedule.

  1. How are the practice fields set up? Is there an order of who gets to go on or is it first come-first serve? How many practice fields are there? Can we practice as much as we want or is there a limit?

  2. Same question as above, but this time regarding the skills fields on Wednesday? I remember it said somewhere that we get a maximum of 3 skills runs but is that just for official runs or practice too?

  3. Are the two drivers meeting on wednesday the same meeting? Do we have to attend both?

  4. On thursday, it says that there are practice rounds from 11am to 12:30pm? Is this just more practice on the fields or is it actual practice matches against teams?

  5. If one of our team members chooses to volunteer, do we get some sort of an inspection pass? I heard something like this, but I wasn’t too sure what it meant.


I can answer these for you.

Skills fields: Everyone can take as many as three chances at each of the Skills Challenges. This means three tries at Programming Skills and three tries at Robot Skills. Because most teams will wait until the last minute, we have set up the schedule to encourage teams to go earlier so that we don’t have 100 teams line when we close the challenge area on Friday night. On Wednesday, you can run up to six times (three in each), on Thursday four times (two in each), and Friday two times (one in each).

The Skills Fields will not be available for practice use.

Inspection: Each volunteer for Inspections gets one pass they can give to one team which allows that team to go to the front of the inspection line.

Ok thank you for answering so quickly!